Idiom:  at ease


Idiom:  at ease

  • feeling relaxed and comfortable

Example sentences

— The little girl felt at ease with her new playmates at school.

— I hope these examples of idioms will help you feel more at ease

— I love walking through the woods on the weekends. I feel so at ease in the silence among the trees.

— Thank you for coming with me to my doctor's appointment. I feel so much more at ease with you here.

— When I took a group tour in China, I felt so at ease having a guide who could take us from place to place.

— I’m never at ease at airport security. I’m always worried that I’ll be detained when I travel to the United States.

— Thank you for organizing our transfers to and from the meeting. We really felt at ease having a professional driver instead of a crazy taxi driver.

— I feel much more at ease now that my daughter is caring mace and her cell phone with her everywhere.

— Having a security system at our home has made us much more at ease when we are out of town.


  • sure of oneself
  • calm, cool and collected


  • ill at ease
  • on edge
  • on pins and needles

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