Idiom:  as plain as day


Idiom:  as plain as day / plain as day

  • very clear and easy to understand
  • easy to see
  • straightforward

Example sentences

— If you don’t know how to use the machine, then please read the directions. The manual is as plain as day.

— I don't want to sound mean but with your low grades it's plain as day that you won't get into Harvard University.

— I love Twitter because it helps make people write messages that are as plain as day.

— When we bumped into my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend at the mall it was plain as day that they were still in love with each other.

— What do you mean you don't understand this credit card bill? It's plain as day that you made a lot of unplanned purchases this month.

—  absolutely love this app. The number of calories you've consumed each day/week/month as well as other nutritional information is summarized as plain as day.

— Although we always tried to hide it, it was plain as day to everyone our marriage had problems and no one was surprised when I announced we were getting a divorce.

— I haven't had a chance to call everyone but it should be as plain as day that the picnic will be canceled due to today's thunderstorms.

— It's plain as day that you weren't listening to me last night when I said I had a doctor's appointment and couldn't drive you to work today.

— Have you seen Sandra? It's plain as day that she's had a nose job but it looks really good.

It's plain as day that the company isn't doing well and everyone is getting nervous there will be layoffs soon.

— It was as plain as day that the director's secretary wasn't going to 


  • crystal clear

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