Idiom:  all the rage


Idiom:  all the rage

  • extremely popular or in style

Note: This frequently is used to refer to something that was very popular for a short period of time (trendy).

Example sentences

— Do you remember when bell bottoms and platform shoes were all the rage?

— Watch this YouTube channel if you want to find out what fashions are all the rage in Paris.

— During the Coronavirus pandemic, Zoom became all the rage for people to communicate with each other.

— PS5 is all the rage right now.

— I need to get a dress for prom. What's all the rage now?

— When I was growing up alternative music was all the rage. Now hip hop is popular.

— "Schoolcations" are all the rage now and this article explains how to take one.

— Holistic holidays are all the rage these days. People want to explore spirituality with new religions and alternative medical treatments.

— Let me guess. Your new hairstyle is all the rage, right?

— I do thank my teenagers for helping me understand what's all the rage. Otherwise, I'd never understand half of what I see on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter.


  • in vogue
  • flavor of the month
  • a flash in the pan
  • cutting edge
  • with it
  • the in thing
  • hot property

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