Idiom:  ahead of time


idiom:  ahead of time

  • early
  • before something is required
  • beforehand

Example sentences

— I always arrive ahead of time to all of my appointments to prevent stress.

— If you can get the report to me ahead of time I will take a look and give you some feedback before the meeting.

— Can you download a map of the city ahead of time so we'll have it ready when we arrive?

— Half of the students got a copy of the test questions ahead of time so they were prepared and did really well on the final exam. 

— What time does the meeting actually start? My boss wants to meet with me ahead of time to review his speech. 

— If I had known the Smiths were coming ahead of time we would have made the reservation for five people instead of three. 

— Someone from the hospital told the paparazzi the singer was leaving ahead of time so he was surrounded by photographers when he left. 

— When you get married without telling anyone ahead of time it's called eloping. 

— Don't worry. I cooked dinner ahead of time because I knew we would be running late for the movie. 

— I wish I had bought my Metro ticket ahead of time. The line is so long and we're going to miss the five o'clock train.


  • with time to spare

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