Idiom:  ahead of schedule


Idiom:  ahead of schedule

  • happening in advance of a deadline, before something was supposed to happen

Example sentences

— My editor and the publisher were really surprised that I finished the book ahead of schedule.

— Everyone will get a bonus if the project is completed ahead of schedule.

— My flight left 15 minutes late but we actually arrived 10 minutes ahead of schedule.

— We worked so hard to finish the project ahead of schedule but our boss didn't even notice.

— The train is ahead of schedule so I'll wait at baggage claim until you arrive.

— Well, we were ahead of schedule until we hit traffic. Now, we'll arrive an hour late.

— This contractor is amazing. He's always ahead of schedule.

— We'll get the rough draft to you a week ahead of schedule so you'll have a few more days to revise it.

— Don't blame me.  I did my part ahead of schedule.

— Great job everyone! We were behind schedule by two weeks and thanks to your hard work last week we are now ahead of schedule!


  • ahead of time
  • with time to spare

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