Idiom:  against one's will


idiom:  against one’s will 

  • without someone’s agreement
  • forcibly, without someone's consent

Example sentences

— My father wants me to marry someone he chooses but I will never get married against my will.

— Her ex-boyfriend held her at gunpoint for eight hours against her will until he fell asleep and she was able to escape.

— Pressure from your friends to drink alcohol is not an excuse. They certainly are not forcing you to drink against your will.

— We can't force our employees against their will to work overtime but we can offer them extra pay to get them to volunteer for the extra hours.

— I had to take the car keys from my boyfriend against his will because he had far too much to drink at the bar last night.

— My parents sent me to summer school against my will and I'm so happy they did because I met my boyfriend there on the first day.

— I want to speak to a lawyer, you can't force me to answer questions against my will.

— In some developing countries it's still legal for men to have sexual relations with their wives against their will.

— I'm a strict vegan now and the only way I'll eat meat again is if it's against my will.

— The only way I'm going to wear that outfit to school is if it's against my will.

— Since your daughter is an adult, we cannot share her medical records or information with you against her will.


  • with a gun to one's head
  • by force

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