Idiom:  (in/for) a split second


Idiom:  (in/for) a split second

  • very quickly

Example sentences

  • In a split second, a dog ran in the road in front of my car and I almost hit it.
  • Professional baseball players can react in a split second after the ball is pitched.
  • A pickpocket can grab your wallet in a split second so make sure you are paying attention all the time.
  • I swear Usain Bolt can practically run 100 meters in a split second.
  • The waiter said he'd return in a split second with a clean knife but that was 10 minutes ago.
  • Wait here for a split second while I get the manager's approval for your return.
  • I turned my head for a split second and in that time, my toddler grabbed the bag of flour off the counter and now it's everywhere.
  • Our lives changed in a split second when a drunk driver veered into our lane on the highway, instantly killing my husband and one of our children.


  • in a second
  • in no time (at all)
  • before you can blink
  • in a jiffy

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