Idiom:  a great deal (of something)


Idiom:  a great deal (of something)

  • a large amount of something

Example sentences

— I have a great deal of respect for my supervisor because she’s very honest and supportive.

— Let's go home—we've got a great deal of packing to do for our trip.

— This winter we had a great deal of snow so I'm glad spring is finally here. 

— My doctor said he had a great deal of admiration for me losing 200 pounds without having gastric bypass surgery.

— I had a great deal of respect for my boss until he asked me to install software on five different computers when we only purchased rights for one user.

— Are used to spend a great deal of money on dry cleaning until I found out how harmful it was to the environment.

— We spent a great deal of time coordinating our transportation and waiting in line for different attractions so in hindsight, I wish we had gone on a tour instead.

— We saved a great deal of money in Mexico because we stayed in an all-inclusive resort and the kids were able to do a lot of activities at the hotel.

— Last summer I did a great deal of babysitting so I was able to save a lot of money for college.

— Doctor, I've been having a great deal of pain behind my left eye lately and I also often feel dizzy.

— Our lawn looks so green because we had a great deal of rain this spring.

— Personally, I really liked the copier but there were a great deal of paper jams so we're testing another one this week.

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