Idiom:  a feel for something


Idiom:  (have/get) a/the feel for something

  • have a natural understanding or ability to do something
  • (get) develop a good understanding or ability to do something

Example sentences

  • Don't worry—after a few months you'll get the feel for driving.
  • I tried to play the guitar for six months but I never got a feel for it
  • My kids have a real feel for languages and I'm not sure why because my husband and I sure don't.

  • She's so talented; she seems to have a feel for everything she does.

  • Not everybody has a feel for being an effective manager so training and mentoring is often necessary.

  • After a few days of driving with a stick shift, I finally got a feel for it.

  • Your son really has a feel for ice skating. I've never seen anyone learn how to do it so quickly.

  • I never had a feel for math and science but I excelled in the performing arts.
  • After completing this course, students will have a feel for how to knit basic clothing items such as scarves and hats.


  • make sense of something
  • get the idea
  • learn the ropes

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