Fruit Vocabulary

A collection of all of the different types of fruit illustrations featured on this page.

This fruit vocabulary list includes many of my favorite fruits. Which ones do you love to eat?

Listen to the video to hear the correct pronunciation -- in American English -- and practice saying the word outs loud during the pauses after each word.

Hear the fruit vocabulary pronounced

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Fruit vocabulary in pictures

Illustration of a tomato

tomato / tomatoes

Illustration of a strawberry

strawberry / strawberries

Illustration of a raspberry

raspberry / raspberries

Illustration of a pomegranate


Illustration of plums


Illustration of a pineapple


Illustration of a watermelon


Illustration of a pear


Illustration of a peach


Illustration of a passionfruit

passion fruit

Illustration of an orange


Illustration of a mango

mango / mangoes

Illustration of a rambutan


Illustration of a grapefruit


Illustration of a bunch of grapes

grape / grapes

Illustration of a honeydew melon

cantaloupe melon

Illustration of a kiwi


Illustration of a papaya


Illustration of a lemon


Illustration of a lime


Illustration of a coconut


Illustration of cherries

cherry / cherries

Illustration of a cantaloupe


Illustration of blueberries

blueberry / blueberries

Illustration of a blackberry

blackberry / blackberries

Illustration of a bunch of bananas


Illustration of an avocado

avocado / avocados

Be careful with spelling!

Please note the spelling of some of the plural forms of the fruits above (e.g., "y" changes to "i"  before you add "es":  cherry - cherries).

Speaking of spelling, check out this humorous experience I had ordering juice while in Istanbul, Turkey.

Are these really fruits or vegetables?

In American English, we often describe some of these fruits as "vegetables" (e.g., tomato, avocado, eggplant) but they are actually fruits.

According to botany (the study of plants), fruits and vegetables are categorized by the part of the plant they come from. A fruit has a seed that comes from the ovary of the flowering plant. Vegetables come from the roots, bulbs, leaves and stems of the plant.

Practice this new vocabulary

Which of these are your favorites? Is it easy to get fresh fruits where you live? Which fruits have you  never tried?

To practice, pull out a piece of paper and write a few paragraphs to practice this vocabulary (this will help you remember the words more easily). You could also practice by speaking out loud to yourself or with a speaking partner.

And, as noted above, you can practice by doing fun vocabulary puzzles by downloading the free ebook.

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