English fruit spelling lesson

Epple juice or greyfurt juice? Decisions, decisions…

This fruit spelling lessons comes from Istanbul, Turkey.

There are many little shops that make fresh fruit juice in the Taksim area in Istanbul. While I was walking down the road to the Galata tower I noticed this sign.

And smiled.

Take a closer look:

I knew I just HAD to have a freshly-squeezed juice from this stand. The only question was, which fruit juice was it going to be?

Some delicious “epple” juice? Or some refreshing “grapes” juice? Or maybe a glass of “greyfurt” juice?

In the end (= finally), I decided on the “greyfurt” juice.

Normally, typos (= typographical errors) are not a good thing. It looks unprofessional and new customers might decide not to do business with the company because of it.

Hopefully, you know the correct names of those juices. If not, here they are:

  • apple juice
  • grape juice (we do not use a plural "grapes" juice)
  • grapefruit juice

For some reason, the typos made me smile and I found it charming.

I must admit, I didn’t know the Turkish word for pomegranate (it’s “nar”) so I also learned something new that day!

How about you? Do you know your fruits (and how to spell them)? Take the mini-quiz below. For additional practice download some word puzzles below as well.

Fruit spelling quiz

Time to test your knowledge of different fruit juices. Fill in the blank with the correct fruit name.

1.  ___________________ juice

2.  ___________________ juice

3.  ___________________ juice

4.  ___________________ juice

5.  ___________________ juice

6.  ___________________ juice

7. ___________________ juice

8.  ___________________ juice

9.  ___________________ juice

10.  ___________________ juice

Fruit spelling quiz answers

  1. cherry
  2. pomegranate
  3. pineapple
  4. peach
  5. orange
  6. kiwi
  7. grape
  8. grapefruit
  9. cranberry
  10. apple

Your turn to practice

How did you do? If you didn't get all of the correct, write them down a practice writing a new sentence with them.  Which is your favorite juice?  Do you drink juice often?

Also, to hear these and other fruits pronounced, check out this video.

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