Let's give it a shot!

by Ilya

In my opinion, Matt Cutt is right, we need to make some changes in our life. Firstly, to become better. I mean going to the gym or walking in the morning would be a great habbit, wouldn't it?

Secondly, to make our life more interesting and memorizable. Because if we won't apply any changes in it, each day will be similar to the previous one.

So I think, we have to make some "30-day challenges" to change our life in a better way. But they don't need to be that hard for you to accomplish, otherwise your "day 31" will destroy all your attempts.

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Sep 22, 2020
Interesting comment about Day 31
by: Nicole (OysterEnglish)

I also like the idea about smaller 30-Day challenges that can spice up our lives so that each one doesn't look the same year after year as our life goes by.

You speak about Day 31. Is this the day that we go back to old behaviors if they are "difficult" ones? It is very interesting to examine which behaviors change and why. I know someone who eliminated a 20-year smoking habit (one pack a day) in one second.

It was the moment that his doctor muttered the word "cancer." He never smoked again after his diagnosis. So sometimes we can even change the most ingrained behaviors in an instant if a new behavior is really wanted.

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