Learning English Vocabulary:
Actions (doing things)

A collage of pictures of children doing various activities to depict each action verb listed on this page.

Learning English vocabulary words is very important and one of the first things you need to learn is a lot of verbs - or action words.

They describe things we do as well as how we feel.

You may already know some of these words but there are a lot of verbs here so perhaps you will learn something new.

If you need suggestions on how to learn English words and which ones to learn first, please check out the main vocabulary page here.

There are also a many other vocabulary lists (with videos and pictures) for other subjects.

I've tried to pull together a lot of different pictures to help you remember these words.

Learning English vocabulary is easier when you also hear the words pronounced so the video provides a chance to hear and see each word.

Be sure to speak out loud after the short pause to practice your pronunciation.

Learning English vocabulary with video

Click the audio player below to hear the pronunciation.

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Action words (verbs) with pictures

A boy is sitting on the ground and crying because he injured his knee.


A boy is sitting down reading a book.


A boy is mixing batter to make a cake


A ballerina dancing


A boy and girl watch television

watch television

A boy takes a bubble bath

take a bath

Two boys are wrestling and punching each other in a fight


A girl jumps with her hands in the air above her head


A girl holds a microphone and sings



raise hand

listen to music




bounce (ball)

brush teeth


chat / talk


be scared / frightened

blow (nose)

brush (hair)


rush / be late

go to bed

hug / embrace



love / be in love



dress / get dressed

flush the toilet

feel sick / ill



look / look at


make a mistake

play music / play an instrument


talk / listen

wash dishes

win / lose

wash hands





give / take

You will need to learn a lot of verbs to speak basic English. Click here for more general information about how to learn English words and for suggestions for dictionaries, graded readers and other resources to help build your vocabulary.

It's also helpful to see words in context and each month I write an article in which I highlight and provide definitions and pronunciation guidance for many new words. If you haven't signed-up click here - you'll see a sample newsletter article as well.

Time to practice!

Learning English vocabulary takes practice and I hope this list was helpful. Do you know many of these words? How can you practice learning verbs?

I suggest you say the verb when you're doing the action. You can print out this page and make flashcards with the picture on one side of the card.

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