Learning English Videos with TED Talks: 
How to Start a Movement

Derek Sivers giving on stage giving his TED Talk

Learning English videos are a great way to explore new topics while improving your English. 

Each TED Talk lesson is designed to help you practice your listening skills, while also learning new vocabulary and idioms. TED Talks are also a perfect way to listen to different accents and hear informal expressions.

So are you ready to see the start of a "movement"?

In this 3-minute video, Derek Sivers explains step-by-step how to start a movement.

Starting from one "lone nut" to a rousing group of followers, Derek's analysis of how the process works may surprise you.

Follow a few easy steps to get the most from these learning English videos: 

These TED Tuesday learning English videos will help you improve your English by just following a few simple steps. 

I select short videos so that learners will hopefully watch them at least twice.

The first time listen for the general idea and the second (or third) for reviewing vocabulary. Reading the transcript is also really important.

Step 1Click on the video below

Step 2: Read the transcript or watch the video with subtitles. Many of the important vocabulary words and idioms have been defined for you. There may be a transcript and subtitles in your own language—check to see.

Step 3: Take the SHORT quiz. It will help you to test your understanding.

Step 1: Watch the video

Click below on the arrow to watch the video.

Step 2: Learn new vocabulary words

Click the link below to get the entire transcript and definitions for all of these vocabulary words and idioms.

Selected vocabulary from talk: (click to see all of the definitions). 

********Click here for all of these definitions*********


to dissect:

to have guts / it takes guts (idiom):

to stand out:

to be ridiculed:

to follow:




to embrace:

an equal:


to transform:

a lone nut:

a crowd:

to be public:

to emulate:


the tipping point (idiom):

to join in:


to sit on the fence (idiom):

the in-crowd (idiom):

to hurry:

to stick with the crowd (idiom):

to recap:


to catch something:


to get the credit (idiom):


to care about:

********Click here for all of these definitions*********

Step 3: Take the quiz 

Now for the quick quiz.

It's short and easy... TAKE the quiz: no pain, no gain (that means you won't improve if you won't do the difficult tasks - if you won't feel a little pain).

Click here to begin.

Note: You can also watch this video on Ted's website.

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