Idiom:  up to something


Idiom:  up to something

  • secretly doing or planning something
  • well enough or good enough to do something
  • up to a certain standard or level

Example sentences

Meaning 1:  secretly doing or planning something

— Whenever it’s quiet at home I know my kids are up to something.

— When no one wished me a happy birthday all morning I knew my team was up to something.

— I wonder what my boyfriend is up to these days, he's been secretive. I hope he's planning to propose marriage to me.

— It's our anniversary on Friday and I'm trying to plan a getaway vacation but my wife thinks I'm up to something no good.

— My coworker seems really nice but she's always up to something.

— Our daughter has been locking herself in her room frequently. We're not sure if she's up to something or if she just needs more privacy as a teenager.

— My boss has been wearing suits to work all week and taking long lunches. He's definitely up to something.

Meaning 2:  well enough or good enough to do something

— Are you up to going out tonight? We're going out dancing at Studio 54.

— Sorry, but I'm not up to seeing a movie tonight. I'm so tired I'd probably fall asleep.

— My new girlfriend is the best. She's always up to doing stuff and doesn't just want to sit at home on the sofa watching tv.

— I'm just not up to cooking for 25 people this Thanksgiving. Let's go out to dinner instead.

— Are you up to taking the boat out tomorrow? The weather will be splendid.

Meaning 2:  up to a certain standard or level

— We really love Sandy but if she's not up to par by the end of the week we'll have to terminate her contract.

— Our subcontract didn't do the work up to our expectations so we had to find someone else.

— Do you think the last candidate is really up to the job? I don't want to waste time trying to train someone who's not going to do the work satisfactorily.

— What happened last semesters? Your grades weren't up to your usual standard.

— Kids, I have had it up to here with your bickering. Stop it or you will both have to go to your rooms for a few hours to calm down.


  • up to par
  • up to the mark
  • up to no good

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