Idiom:  up the creek


Idiom:  (be) up the creek (without a paddle) / up a creek

  • in trouble or a difficult situation

Example sentences

— I’m up the creek!  My credit card bill is due in two days but I don’t get paid until next week.

— We missed our flight and now were up the creek because there are no available seats on any flights until next Tuesday.

— My daughter is up the creek. Her presentation is on her laptop so I have to get it to her office within the next hour.

— We're up a creek without a paddle because of COVID. I don't know when we'll be able to buy toilet paper again.

— If we don't get awarded this grant, we'll be up a creek.

— Last night my car broke down and I forgot to bring my phone so I was up a creek without a paddle. There are no pay phones anywhere anymore!

— Shoot, I'm up a creek! My checking account is overdrawn and I need to pay rent.

— Don't hesitate to call if you're ever up a creek. I'm happy to help.

— I broke up with my boyfriend. Yesterday, I was up the creek and needed a ride to work and he told me to call an Uber instead of helping me.

— You're always up a creek without a paddle. You'll have to ask someone else for help this time.

— The babysitter had to cancel today so we were up a creek. My boss was kind enough to let me bring my four children to work and they played in the conference room.


  • in a bind
  • in a pickle
  • in a tight spot
  • in hot water

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