Idiom:  up in arms


Idiom:  up in arms

  • upset, angry
  • upset to the point of being ready to fight

Example sentences

— The entire team was up in arms when the coach said they would have to practice an extra 30 minutes each day.

— I’m up in arms about the new fees my bank is going to start charging.

— Everyone is up in arms that we have to work on New Year's Eve but they're giving us a $300 bonus and an extra day off.

— My kids are up in arms that we're now going to deactivate the internet every day at 8:00 pm but they won't stay off their phones.

— It's crazy that so few republican senators are not up in arms about President Trump's behavior before the riot at the Capitol.

— The team is going to be up in arms if you make them punch in and out of a time clock.

— My dad is up in arms that my brother got busted for underage drinking.

— Our clients will be up in arms if we raise the late fee to $49. Please think more about this. It could kill our business.

— I thought you'd be up in arms that our hotel reservation was canceled.

— Turn off the tv and go do your homework! Mom will be up in arms if it's not finished before dinner and I don't want to hear about it.

— Why are you always up in arms for the smallest things? Your going to have high blood pressure if you don't learn how to react appropriately to unimportant things.


  • in an uproar
  • teed off
  • hot under the collar
  • fit to be tied
  • steamed up
  • at swords' points
  • hopping mad
  • bent out of shape
  • hot and bothered
  • on the warpath

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