Idiom:  up for (doing) something


Idiom:  up for something / up for doing something

  • enthusiastic or interested about doing something
  • being considered for something
  • about to experience

Example sentences

Meaning 1:  interested in or willing to do an activity

— Are you up for going skiing this weekend?

— If anyone’s up for a movie tonight, I’m going to see the latest installment of the Spiderman series.

— I really should do some financial planning but I’m not up for it.

— I just asked Suzanne to come with us to the shopping mall but she’s not up for it.

— We're going to hike Mount Rag on Saturday if you're up for it.

— Becoming fluent in English may take a long time. Are you up for the challenge?

Meaning 2: likely to receive or worthy of consideration

— Isn't Professor Jones up for tenure this year?

— I was up for a promotion this year but due to funding problems it doesn't seem likely.

— Katy Perry is up for another Grammy this year. She's been nominated several times but has never won the award. 

— I'm up for consideration for the project manager's position but there is stiff competition.

— The man who attacked me is up for parole this year so I'm feeling a lot of anxiety.

— When my lease is up for renewal I'll try to negotiate lower rent or move.

— There are more Republican senators up for reelection this year than Democrats.

Meaning 3: available or on offer

— The house on the corner is up for sale again.

— There are several kittens up for adoption at the pet store and I'm thinking about adopting one.

— What types of items are up for auction at the charity gala this evening?


Meaning 1: interested in doing something:

  • be game
  • psyched up
  • geared up
  • gung ho

Meaning 2: Worthy of consideration

  • in line for
  • shortlisted for
  • in the running for

Meaning 3: available or on offer

  • on offer
  • on the market
  • on sale

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