Idiom:  up for discussion


Idiom:  up for discussion

  1. Scheduled to be talked about
  2. A topic that is not settled and is debatable

Note:  For the second meaning of this idiom, the negative form is frequently used to show that a subject has been decided and there will not be any further debate about it.

Example sentences

— The timing of the project is up for discussion. We need to involve the subcontractor in the discussion.

— Please make sure that the Gala update is up for discussion at the next staff meeting.

— I'm sorry, but salary increases are not up for discussion right now.

— Because of COVID-19, my parents say that traveling to Europe this summer is not up for discussion.

— The contract is up for discussion at today's meeting.

— What's up for discussion today? I didn't receive an agenda.

— You're grounded, remember? Going to the school dance is not up for discussion.

— Is the project budget up for discussion at tomorrow's meeting?

— Why are we still talking about the artwork for the event? We talked about it last week and it's no longer up for discussion.

— Please make sure that you give me a list of topics that are up for discussion at the marketing meeting so I can be prepared.

— Your father said that going to the mall today is not up for discussion until you have completed your homework and chores.

— What's up for discussion in the afternoon session? I'm trying to decide if I could skip it.


Scheduled to be talked about meaning

  • on the table
  • on the agenda

A topic is not decided meaning

  • subject to debate
  • in question
  • up in the air
  • yet to be decided
  • the jury's out
  • under consideration

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