Idiom:  under the circumstances

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Idiom:  under the circumstances

  • because of a certain condition, situation or circumstance

Example sentences

— A:  I heard your husband’s brother recently died. It must be difficult. B: Yes, it is but under the circumstances, he’s actually doing very well.

— Usually, you need an appointment to see the doctor but under the circumstances, he's agreed to see you before your flight leaves today.

— The winning time was three minutes slower than usual but it's understandable under the circumstances. The heat index was at the highest level.

— Our teachers have been reasonable under the circumstances. A lot of us have missed classes because of internet problems and they just allow us to watch the recordings.

— She's caring for her mother who has cancer so under the circumstances, I believe her sales performance is reasonable.

— Under the circumstances, I can see why you hesitate placing a 23-year-old teacher with high school seniors.

— We've decided that under the present circumstances, we need all employees to work remotely until COVID-19 is under control.

— You did very well under the circumstances. I just wish it were possible to inform your team that you're pregnant and having difficulties.

— Our shipments are three weeks delayed but under the circumstances, it could've been worse. Who would have imagined the Suez Canal would be blocked for a week?

— We're surviving under the circumstances but we desperately need rain soon.

 He's back in competition after an Achilles injury so his performance was great under the circumstances.

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