Idiom:  under pressure


Idiom:  under pressure

  • experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety

Example sentences

— Our manager is under a lot of pressure since the new director doubled our sales target.

— Most high school seniors are under pressure because they have to do well in school to get into a good college.

— I felt really under pressure when I went to buy my car. So, I told the salesperson I had to go to a meeting and returned the next day with a friend, who got me a better deal.

— You always seem like you're under pressure. Please take care of yourself.

— These days we're all under pressure to close sales because we're not hitting our targets.

— Is your husband under a lot of pressure? He looked really distracted and walked right by me and didn't answer when I said hello.

— I'm sorry that I snapped at you. I've been under so much pressure since we had twins. I've barely slept in months.

— I perform really well under pressure so I love competitive sports.

— My sister was under so much pressure because of her $125,000 in student loans that I decided to add $1,000 to her monthly payment to help pay down the loan principal.

— I was under so much pressure that I had a heart attack and had to resign from my job.


  • under duress
  • under the gun
  • in a hurry

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