Idiom:  under one’s belt


Idiom:  (get/have) under one’s belt

  • having achieved or mastered something important or useful
  • having the experience of doing something

Example sentences

— I felt a lot more confident after I got a year of teaching under my belt.

— All applicants must have a college degree and at least one year of work experience under their belts to apply for this position.

— I was nervous going to high school but now that I've got a year under my belt I feel very confident.

— We got our second launch under our belt and it was definitely easier the second time.

— Competing will be easier next time after you get this tournament under your belt.

— I have no problem running marathons because I've got 17 of them under my belt.

— Serena Williams has 23 grand slam singles titles under her belt but that experience is not helping her get her 24th title.

— I have the main Photoshop skills under my belt so I'm working on advanced techniques now.

— Now that I've had a few sales under my belt I'm actually beginning to like my job.

— With five years of teaching experience under my belt, I'm ready to start working for myself.

— Once my son gets a few more wins under his belt he's going to go professional.

 Steven King is a prolific writer with almost 70 novels and non-fiction books under his belt.

 Even after 10 years of living in London and studying English under my belt, I still learn new vocabulary every day.

 You will work closely with a senior attorney until you have at least a dozen cases under your belt.

 Don't worry, public speaking will get easier once you have a few presentations under your belt.

 If you don't find a job by the end of the month, I suggest you do some volunteer work to get some practical experience under your belt.

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