Idiom:  unaccustomed to something


Idiom:  unaccustomed to (doing) something

  • not used to (doing) something
  • not in the habit of (doing) something

Example sentences

— I moved here three years ago and I’m still unaccustomed to this cold weather.

— I’m unaccustomed to hearing women using bad language.

— University has been a challenge because I'm unaccustomed to studying. In high school I barely opened a book. It was so easy for me.

— My girlfriend is unaccustomed to getting gifts on Valentine's Day so she was super excited and happy with dinner and the present I bought her.

— She's unaccustomed to being challenged at meetings so that's why she interrupted you.

— Living abroad has been strange at times. I'm unaccustomed to business as usual on Thanksgiving Day.

— You're so sore because you're unaccustomed to doing serious workouts. Your trainer will have you in shape in no time.

— After working from home for a year, our staff is unaccustomed to commuting to work and getting dressed professionally.

— It's really tough working here. I'm unaccustomed to having a micromanager for a boss.

— My husband was unaccustomed to driving on the left-hand side of the road but otherwise easily adapted to living in the UK.

— Working in government is so different than the private sector. I'm unaccustomed to having to fill out a form for office supplies.


  • not used to something
  • a newbie to/at
  • a novice to/at
  • unversed in

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