Idiom:  take the rap for something

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Idiom:  take the rap for something

  • to be blamed or punished, especially for something you didn’t do or for something that others also were involved in

Example sentences

— take the rap for a lot of things because I’m the oldest child.

— My friend is so cool! He took the rap for cheating on the test but didn't tell the teacher that everyone else did the same thing.

— Don't expect me to take the rap again.

— We're screwed. Pamela would never take the rap. She's probably blaming us right now.

— I would never tell on you. Trust me, I'll take the rap if we get caught.

— So you don't feel any remorse for your girlfriend taking the rap for you?

— Who stole the phone? If you take the rap for one of your friends, you'll be equally punished when we find out what happened.

— When I spoke with the principal, I tried to pretend that I was being brave and loyal by taking the rap but I was the one who spray painted graffiti on the school.

— Sir, my son refuses to say what really happened. He'd rather take the rap then be bullied and beat up.

— Everyone has to make a vow that we'll take the rap if something goes wrong with the plan. Agreed?

— Ugh. My client is taking the rap for her so-called boyfriend. Just wait until I tell her that he's already dating one of her friends.


  • suffer the consequences
  • pay the price
  • answer for something
  • take the blame

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