Idiom:  take someone down


Idiom:  take someone down (take down someone)

  • to remove someone from a position of power or control
  • to defeat someone
  • to kill someone or to stop someone from causing harm

Example sentences

— Whenever we take down a dictator either another one appears afterwards or there’s chaos.

— The board of directors is trying to take down the CEO of the company.

— What you did was incredible. If was if you fought Goliath and took him down.

— One of our best agents took the shooter down.

— If they try to take me down I will make sure everyone goes down with me.

— This training will enable us to better understand how to take down an active shooter in a crowded public arena.

— He is always anxious because his enemies are always plotting to take him down.

— As soon as I was promoted, I knew my former boss was going to try to take me down or get me to leave the company.

— Unfortunately, we have to use legal means to take the president down

— I think our chairman decided resignation was a better scenario than having the board publicly take her down.

— We took the terrorist down after just 20 minutes but by that point he had killed more than 22 people.


  • go in for the kill
  • bring someone to their knees
  • kick someone's ass (impolite)
  • leave someone in the dust

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