Idiom:  take someone back


Phrasal Verb/Idiom:  take someone back (take back someone)

  • to resume a relationship with someone

Example sentences

— If your spouse hits you, don’t ever take him or her back without going through professional counseling together.

— took my girlfriend back two times but now I realize she’ll never change and we’re not good together.

— I resigned on good terms so I'm confident my old law firm will take me back.

— After a long separation, my wife decided to take me back. The separation was helpful for both of us and we realized how much we wanted to work things out.

— My relatives are pressuring me to take back my husband for the sake of our kids.

— We fired our receptionist for tardiness but took her back a year later and she's been fine.

— You cheated on your husband and you wonder why he won't take you back

— Let me be clear. This is a permanent break up. I will never take you back again!

— If my ex-girlfriend breaks up with her boyfriend, I'd take her back in a heartbeat.

— Let's hope that client will take us back now that Melissa has resigned. That client alone brought in 10% of our sales.

— Look, if you take Sarah back again, we don't want to hear any more complaints!


  • bury the hatchet
  • patch things up
  • kiss and make up
  • restore peace

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