Idiom:  take over the reins


Idiom:  take over the reins/take the reins

  • to take over control over something
  • to be responsible for managing or directing something

Note: This idiom often describes someone managing a company, government, campaign or project.

3 drawings of reins: 1. A close-up of hands holding the reins 2. The head of a horse with reins on each side of the face 3. People in a chariot holding the reins on a horse

What is a rein?

As shown in the picture, the reins are straps that are tied to a horse's bit.

The rider uses the reins to guide and control a horse.

Example sentences

— Office morale improved drastically after the new director took over the reins.

— I hope the economy will improve when the next Federal Reserve Chairman takes over the reins.

— My son wants to be an actor but my husband expects him to take over the reins of our family printing business one day.

— Our CFO is retiring in August and they're trying to decide who will take the reins.

— After the president was assassinated, an army general took over the reins and established military order.

— The management team decided a more experienced person should take over the reins of our social media accounts as soon as possible.

— I'm really tired of driving. Can you take over the reins for a couple of hours?

— I really liked Jonathan as well but Sarah has proven experience taking over the reins of a failing company.

— Who would like to take the reins on the Simpson case or should I just assign someone?

— We were well established before Jerry took over the reins but he acts as if our success is completely because of him.

— If you want to become a partner in this firm, you're going to have to be more assertive and take over the reins of some important cases.

— My stress level went through the roof when I took over the reins of our department.

 Who's going to take the reins while Shelly is on maternity leave?

 I never thought I'd see a woman take over the reins as CEO of this company.

 He's not going to hand over the reins without a fight you'll take them over once he's indicted.

 Who will take over the reins when Mr. Jones retires?

 Our manager was diagnosed with cancer yesterday and has decided to resign. Tomorrow, at the staff meeting, he will announce who will take over the reins.

 I'll be very happy if one of my children decides to take the reins of our family farm.


  • take charge of
  • assume responsibility for
  • take up the baton for
  • gain control of
  • assume control of
  • step into sb's shoes

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