Idiom:  take it easy


Idiom:  take it easy

  1. To rest and relax
  2. To not become angry, agitated or upset about something

Example sentences

Meaning 1: To rest and relax meaning:

— It was hard to take it easy at the beach because my husband’s office kept calling him with various “emergencies.”

— I took it easy this weekend and caught up on sleep.

— Maybe we should take it easy after what happened at New Year's.

— Everything will be fine with our reservation. Just take it easy.

— Stop telling me to calm down! I will not take it easy until we've found my dog.

— You should take it easy for the next couple of days. Do not exercise at all for at least 72 hours or the stitches may come out.

— After an 18 hour flight, all we really want to do is to take it easy tonight. We can go out for dinner tomorrow.

— Alright, take it easy, man. I'll see you at work on Monday.

Meaning 2: To not become angry, agitated or upset about something

— Take it easy, please. This room is not great but the hotel manager is giving us a free upgrade to a suite tomorrow night for the rest of the week.

— This argument is escalating and disturbing other guests. Can you both please take it easy?

— A:  What happened to your eye?  B:  I told a guy who was yelling at his girlfriend to take it easy and he punched me.

— Don't tell me to take it easy when you've spent our rent money on clothes!

— I think you need to take it easy or your son will become rebellious. Remember, we used to drink beer in high school too.

— People really need to take it easy during rush hour. There are so many raging mad drivers on the road these days.


  • chill out / chill
  • calm down
  • take a chill pill
  • wind down
  • put your feet up
  • rest up

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