Idiom:  in a little bit


Idiom:  in a little bit

  • in a short period of time later
  • soon

Example sentences

— You said you'd turn off your phone in a little bit and it's already been an hour.

Let’s go find our seats; the game's going to start in a little bit.

— “Mom, when are we going to be there?!” “We’ll be there in a little bit so please stop asking.”

— Okay, everyone, we need to break in a little bit so let's take two or three more questions.

— A: "Do you want to go get lunch?" B: "In a little bit. I need to finish up this report first."

— Sarah said she'll be here in a little bit so we have time to finish cleaning up the dishes.

— The doctor should be here in a little bit so could you fill out these forms please?

— I'm leaving for the airport in a little bit so if you have any other questions this would be a good time to ask them.

— I have class in a little bit so I need to go back to the dorm and get my laptop. 

— Your pizza will be ready in a little bit. Just have a seat here and wait.


  • in a little while
  • before long
  • in short order

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