Hit the books idiom meaning & examples

A pair of boxing gloves punch some books that are falling over. Caption: After partying all weekend with friends, Sarah hit the books so she wouldn't fail her physics test.


Hit the books idiom meaning:

  • to study seriously with intensity and concentration

Example sentences

— hit the books all week so now it's time to take a break.

— My friend never hits the books, even at exam time. He just listens very careful in class and gets great grades.

— I can confirm my roommates hits the books from 5:00-8:00 am every morning but pretends she's naturally smart and never studies.

— If you don't hit the books, I'm going to take away your phone and disconnect the Wi-Fi.

— Shall we hit the books tonight at the library or study in the lounge?

— You've been slacking all semester. Perhaps you should finally hit the books?

— I never go to the library the week before exams. Everyone hits the books there and it's so noisy.

— None of our children have ever really hit the books. It's therefore not surprising none of them were interested in going to college.

— If you just hit the books for two hours a day during the semester, exams would be fairly easy.

— Since my girlfriend seriously hits the books, my grades have naturally gotten better because I'm more focused too.

— It's really hard to hit the books when it's so beautiful outside. I hope it rains tomorrow.


  • crack a book

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