Focus - A Review of Matt Cutt's Idea on 30 Day Trial

by Malika

I liked the idea, it's more about exercising your mind to focus on something and not give up until it's done. I think that's one of the most important steps to achieve a goal, because in my case, everytime I think about a goal and try to give it a shot, uncounsiously I find myself thinking about another goal that I also need to achieve, and then instead of sticking to my first goal, I end up stopping it and moving to the other, and time flies by without achieving anyone of them.

That's a bad habit, maybe it's pretty common for other people, but I think the only way to get something done is to make small sustainable changes and stick to it.

By the way, I also figured out that having a lot of information available, hinder us somehow in learning a new language. I'm going to try this method for sure.

Thank you all.

(This comment is in response to Matt Cutt's TED Talk, which you can view by clicking here).

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Jan 16, 2016
Thank you nicole
by: Malika

Thank you nicole, I really didn't expect such a quick comment on what I've written.
Best wishes for all of us.

Jan 15, 2016
Well done!
by: Nicole (Oyster English)

Excellent point and very well written. I agree that just setting a goal frequently makes us distracted. As you said, we almost naturally start thinking of other things. When we can break a goal down to consist small steps it builds momentum which makes us feel good about our efforts. Best wishes with your goals Malika!

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