Expanding English Vocabularies
with Free Puzzles eBook

For students wishing to expand their English vocabularies:

I've put together this FREE ebook to help YOU learn and remember vocabulary words about twenty important everyday English topics.

Do you like doing puzzles? Then you'll LOVE this ebook.

I've created word search puzzles, cross word puzzles and word scramble puzzles.  More than 25 different puzzles are included in the book. 

Here are the topics covered

  • Animals
  • baby and infant
  • beverages (drinks)
  • cleaning supplies
  • clothing
  • cosmetics (makeup)
  • emotions (feelings)
  • fruit, household appliances
  • illnesses (sicknesses)
  • kitchen appliances
  • musical instruments
  • occupations (professions/jobs)
  • office supplies
  • shapes
  • spices
  • sports
  • tools
  • vegetables
  • weather

Even advanced-level learners will find many of these puzzles challenging and add valuable words to their English vocabularies.

We can all improve our English vocabularies

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