Cleaning Supplies Vocabulary

A collection of all of the different cleaning supplies featured on this page.

This cleaning supplies vocabulary will be very useful in daily life for most people.

Listen to the video to hear the correct pronunciation — in American English — and practice saying the word outs loud during the pauses after each word. 

Hear the cleaning supplies vocabulary pronounced

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Cleaning supplies vocabulary in pictures

Illustration of a plastic basket filled with cleaning supplies

cleaning supplies: a variety cleaning products and tools for cleaning.

Illustration of two different styles of brooms

broom:  a tool with a long handle and stiff bristles (usually made of straw or plastic) for sweeping dust, dirt and crumbs from the floor.

Illustration of a duster

duster:  a small brush that is used for dusting (removing dust). The bristles are usually softer than a broom and are sometimes made of feathers to dust fragile items.

Illustration of a dustpan

dustpan:  a pan with a small handle that is used to pick-up dust after it has been swept in a pile with a broom or duster.

Illustration of a vacuum cleaner

vacuum cleaner:  an electrical machine that is used for cleaning floors, carpets/rugs, furniture, etc., by sucking the dirt and dust into a bag in the machine.

Illustration of a mop

mop:  a tool for cleaning the floor which has a long handle and cloth or a sponge at the end.

Illustration of a sponge mop

sponge mop:  a tool with a long handle and a sponge at the end that is used to clean floors.

Illustration of a bucket

bucket:  a container that has a handle and is used for holding water. Buckets are often used when cleaning floors (the mop is dipped into the soapy water in the bucket).

Illustration of a spray bottle cleaner

spray bottle / spray cleaner:  a bottle with a spray nozzle attached that sprays (spreads) the cleaning solution or water onto the item being cleaned.

Illustration of a squeegee

squeegee:  a cleaning tool with a a rubber strip on one end and a hangle that is used to wripe liquid across or off the surface of window, floors, shower walls or other surfaces.

Illustration of a roll of paper towels on a holder

paper towel:  a thick sheet of soft paper that can soak up liquid and wipe off dirt that is used for cleaning surfaces, etc.

illustration of a box of tissues

tissue:  a thin and soft sheet of paper that can be used to wipe the surface of delicate items when cleaning.

illustration of cleaning cloths

cleaning cloths:  a soft piece of material that is used to wipe clean or polish items (unlike paper towels they are usually used many times before they are thrown away).

illustration of a scrub brush

scrub brush:  a brush with stiff bristles that is used for scrubbing.

illustration of a pair of plastic or rubber gloves

plastic gloves / rubber gloves:  gloves that are made of plastic or rubber and are used to protect the hands while cleaning.

illustration of a trash can

trash can / waste basket:  a container for trash (garbage). (Note: Americans often call the containers inside the house trash cans or waste baskets and garbage cans for the containers we put outside the house at the curb for the garbage collectors).

illustration of a garbage can

garbage can:  a container for garbage.

(Note:  Americans usually use garbage can for holding large plastic bags that contain garbage, however trash can and garbage can may be used to describe any container for garbage/trash).

illustration of a CD and a bottle of cleaner

CD cleaner:  special cleanser for cleaning CDs (compact disks.)

Your turn to practice cleaning supplies vocabulary

Do you use these cleaning supplies? Which ones do you use regularly? Does someone else clean your home? How often do you clean your home?

Practice you answer by writing answers to the questions above or by speaking out loud (to yourself or with a partner).

And, as noted above, you can practice by doing fun vocabulary puzzles by downloading the free ebook.

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