Candy Chang's TED Talk Quiz

Quiz Questions

1.  Where does Candy Chang live?

a.  New York

b.  New Mexico

c.  New Orleans

d.  New Hampshire

2.  New Orleans has one of the highest numbers of abandoned properties in America. What does this mean?

(Note:  properties are houses and buildings)

a.  It has very expensive houses.

b.  It has the largest houses.

c.  It has many houses that are empty (no one is living in them).

d.  It has a large number of new houses.

3.  What happened in 2009 that changed Candy Chang’s life forever?

a.  Her good friend suddenly died.

b.  Her mother died.

c.  She bought an abandoned house in New Orleans.

d.  She lost her job.

4.  When Joan died, Candy Chang was very grateful for her life but she says it’s easy to forget what is most important to you.

a.  True

b.  False

5.  Candy Chang wrote “Before I die, I want to ….” on the side of an empty house because she wanted people to “share their personal aspirations in public space.”

What is an “aspiration” mean? (check all that are correct)

a.  Something that a person wants very much to achieve.

b.  Something that a person does not want to do very much.

c.  Someone’s political opinion.

d.  An important aim or goal.

6. How many days did it take before the wall was completely filled out with messages?

a.  1 hour

b.  1 day

c.  1 week

d.  1 month

7.  One reason that Candy Chang wanted to put this chalkboard on a public wall (outside in the community where everyone could see it) was because she didn’t want people to think they were alone.

a.  True

b.  False

8.  This is the only wall of this kind in the world.

a.  True

b.  False

9.  Candy Chang says that preparing for death is very powerful. Thinking about death helps us to see what is important in life.

a.  True

b.  False

Quiz Answers

1.  c

2.  c

3.  a

4.  a

5.  a, d

6.  b

7.  a

8.  b

9.  a

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