10 Autumn Idioms

Here are 10 autumn idioms that are perfect for this third season of the year.  Autumn is one of my favorite seasons because of all of the beautiful changes in the leaves and the wonderful foods we get to eat this time of year. Autumn occurs from September or March in the United States.

Did you know that most North Americans say "fall" rather than "autumn?"

Don't worry, you can say either autumn or fall. Some people find it easier to remember (and spell) "fall" because they just think of the leaves falling from the trees. 

Autumn idioms infographic: squirrel away,be nuts about,drive someone nuts,turn over new leaf,apple never falls far from tree,get wind of, leaf through,under the weather, fall behind, turn into pumpkin

It can take awhile to learn idioms so don't worry about memorizing them. The first step is to simply understand them when they're used by others. You can create a notebook and write some of your own sentences to help you remember them.

And of course, I welcome you to write some sentences in the comments below to practice. The the best way to improve your English is to actually use it!

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Time to Practice

Practice your English by writing your own example sentence using one (or more!) of the autumn idioms from the list.

  • Does someone you know drive you nuts?
  • When was the last time you were feeling under the weather?
  • What is something you're nuts about?
  • What was the last thing you leafed through?
  • Are you falling behind in anything?

These are just ideas for your sample sentences— feel free to write your own examples. The most important thing is for you to practice.

Are you interested in learning more idioms? Check out the main idioms page.

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