Personal Qualities & Astrology Vocabulary

12 zodiac/astrology signs represented by illustrated females with various hairstyles, jewelry and accessories to represent each sign.

This astrology vocabulary is a great way to practice the months of the year as well as the different character traits or qualities for each zodiac sign. To hear the names of the zodiac signs pronounced in American English, please check out the video below. There is a pause after each astrology vocabulary word so that you can practice.

Hear the astrology vocabulary pronounced

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More about astrology / zodiac vocabulary

Each sign of the zodiac is associated with an element, a ruling planet, symbol and stone and they are listed in the chart below.

The character traits -- or qualities -- that make each of the signs different are also listed below. Everyone has good and "bad" traits. Definitions of all of the personality traits are provided in the last section.

Illustration of head shot of a female with white curly hair like a ram (representing Aries)

Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Element:  fire
Ruling planet:  Mars
Symbol:  the ram
Stone:  diamond
Characteristics:  adventerious, outgoing, active, courageous, generous, optimistic, aggressive, independent, trusting, impulsive, moody, impatient

Illustration of head shot of a female with hair shaped with two horns like a bull (representing Taurus)

Taurus (April 20 - May 20):
Element:  earth
Ruling planet:  Venus
Symbol:  the bull
Stone:  emerald
Characteristics:  calm, collected, social, dependable, loyal, patient, stubborn, lazy, possessive, materialistic.

Illustration of a head shot of a female with two faces: one half brown with dark features and other other half white with blonde hair (representing Gemini - twins)

Gemini (May 21 June 20):
Element:  air
Ruling planet:  Mercury
Symbol:  the twins
Stone:  aquamarine
Characteristics:  curious, talkative, clever, imaginative, witty, indecisive, devious, impulsive, superficial.

Illustration of head shot of a female  wearing a helmet like a crab (representing Cancer)

Cancer (June 21 - July 22):
Element:  water
Ruling planet:  the moon
Symbol:  the crab
Stone:  moonstone
Characteristics:  dependable, caring, adaptable, diplomatic, intense, impulsive, moody, clingy, oversensitive

Illustration of head shot of a female  with big orange hair like a lion (representing Leo)

Leo (July 23 - Aug 22):
Element: fire
Ruling planet: the sun
Symbol: the lion
Stone:  peridot
Characteristics: warm, generous, faithful, ambitious, confident, pretentious, stubborn, vain, domineering.

Illustration of head shot of a female  (representing Virgo)

Virgo (August 23 - September 22):
Element: earth
Ruling planet: Mercury
Symbol: the virgin
Stone:  sapphire
Characteristics:  analytical, practical, reflective, observing, helpful,thoughtful, skeptical, inflexible, cold, interfering.

Illustration of head shot of a female  wearing two huge earrings in the shape of scales (representing Libra)

Libra (September 23 - October 22):
Element:  air
Ruling planet:  Venus
Symbol:  the scales
Stone:  opal
Characteristics:  truthful, beautiful, balanced, idealistic, diplomatic, superficial, vain, indecisive, unreliable.

Illustration of head shot of a female with a symbol on her cheek: an M with the scorpion tail stinger (representing Scorpio)

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21):
Element:  water
Ruling planet:  Pluto
Symbol:  the scorpion
Stone:  topaz
Characteristics:  loyal, passionate, resourceful, dynamic, jealous, obsessive, suspicious, manipulative

Illustration of head shot of a female with an arrow holding up the bun of her hair (representing Sagittarius - the archer)

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21):
Element: fire
Ruling planet: Jupiter
Symbol: the archer
Stone: turquoise
Characteristics: free-spirited, philosophical, optimistic, independent, encouraging, unemotional, blunt.

Illustration of head shot of a female with two raised ponytails in her hair like a goat (representing Capricorn)

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19):
Element: earth
Ruling planet: Saturn
Symbol: the goat
Stone: garnet
Characteristics: determined, persevering, practical, patient, resourceful, conceited, distrusting.

Illustration of head shot of a female with icy blue hair and eyes (representing Aquarius - the water bearer)

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18):
Element: air
Ruling planet: Uranus
Symbol: the water bearer
Stone: amethyst
Characteristics: knowledgeable, serious, insightful, witty, clever, original, stubborn, aloof, rebellious

Illustration of head shot of a female underwater wearing a protective water helmet she can see through with fish circling around (representing Pisces)

Pisces (February 19 - March 20):
Element: water
Ruling planet: Neptune
Symbol: fish
Stone: bloodstone
Characteristics: compassionate, adaptable, devoted, imaginative, indecisive, oversensitive, lazy, self-absorbed.

Personal Qualities Vocabulary

The descriptions for each zodiac sign list personal qualities or characteristics that are positive and negative in nature. Many of these qualities may be new vocabulary words for you so I have provided definitions below.

active:  very busy moving around doing things (e.g., physical activities.)

adaptable:  able to change or be changed to be successful in a new situation.

aggressive:  ready to attack or fight, behaving in a way that is threatening or showing force.

aloof:  not friendly or interested in other people.

ambitious:  wanting and being determined to be successful, powerful or famous.

analytical:  carefully looking at or studying all the different parts of something (analyzing) to understand it very well.

adventurous:  interested in taking risks, trying new things and enjoying new, dangerous and/or exciting things (likes new adventures).

Illustration of planets in outer space

balanced:  having good amounts of different emotions, being able to balance one's feelings and emotions.

beautiful:  having beauty (physical attractiveness) or other good qualities.

blunt:  saying what one thinks in a way that is honest but very direct and not worried about how someone will feel or being polite.

calm:  not angry, excited, nervous or upset.

caring:  being kind and helpful and feeling concern for other people.

clever:  smart and easily able to learn and understand things quickly.

clingy:  staying too close (clinging) to someone to get their emotional support, love, etc.

collected:  very calm and able to control one's emotions and feelings.

cold:  not friendly and showing warm (caring) emotions.

compassionate:  feeling or showing sympathy for someone who is sick, hurt, poor or suffering.

conceited:  having too much pride in oneself and thinking one is better than others at what they do.

confident:  believing (having confidence) you can do something and be successful at something.

courageous:  having or showing courage or bravery.

curious:  interested in knowing about someone or something else.

dependable:  able to be trusted to do something that is needed.

determined:  making a decision that you are going to do something and no one or nothing will stop you from doing it.

devious:  being dishonest or tricking people to get what one wants.

devoted:  being loyal to someone or something (especially that one loves).

diplomatic:  able to successfully work or interact with different people politely in difficult situations.

distrusting:  not being able to trust someone or something.

domineering:  trying to tell other people what to do or control their actions.

dynamic:  having or showing a lot of energy;  encouraging, giving others support, hope or courage.

faithful:  showing constant support, trust and loyalty; not having a sexual relationship with anyone except your spouse or partner.

free-spirited:  a person who does what they want to instead of worrying about what others think or what society wants people to do or behave.

generous:  giving or sharing money or other things freely and showing kindness and care.

helpful:  willing and happy to help others.

idealistic:  believing it's possible to live with very high standards of behavior and honesty even when it is not realistic.

imaginative:  being able to think of new, interesting and exciting ideas.

impatient:  angry or annoyed for having to wait for someone or something; not patient.

impulsive:  doing things suddenly without carefully planning or thinking about what could happen.

indecisive:  not able to quickly or easily make a decision.

inflexible:  doesn't easily change opinions, decisions, actions.

independent:  not controlled or influenced by other people; can support themselves without help from others.

insightful:  having a clear understanding of something or someone.

intense:  having very serious and strong feelings and thoughts about things and people.

interfering:  becoming involved in other people's actions, especially when they do not want the person's involvement.

jealous:  wanting what someone else has or being upset because the person you love is showing interest in someone else (or you think someone else likes the person you love and you are worried about it).

knowledgeable:  knowing a lot about something, especially because of studying about it or having experience in the subject.

lazy:  not wanting or liking to work hard or wanting to do as little as possible.

loyal:  being faithful and continuing to support someone or something.

manipulative:  trying to control people by influencing them, often in a clever or unfair way.

materialistic:  being interested mostly in money and material possessions.

moody:  easily upset or having one's mood change to a bad mood quickly and often.

observing:  carefully watching or noticing something or something to know more about them or the situation.

obsessive:  thinking constantly about someone or something in a way that is not normal (having an obsession).

optimistic:  having hope for good things in the future.

original:  able to think, do or make things that are new and different from anything else.

outgoing:  friendly and likes to meet, talk and be with other people.

oversensitive:  very easily upset, bothered or offended.

passionate:  having and showing very strong emotions or feelings (e.g., anger, enthusiasm, interest, sexual love).

patient:  able to wait calmly for a long time when dealing with difficult people or problems without becoming annoyed or angry.

persevering:  able to continue doing something despite difficulties or problems.

philosophical:  thinking calmly about a difficult or unwanted situation.

possessive:  not liking to share things with other people or letting others (especially loved ones) be independent.

practical:  able to make good and realistic decisions in daily life; able to make or repair things easily.

pretentious:  trying to make others think you are more important, intelligent, successfully than you really are.

rebellious:  not following rules or normal standards of behavior.

reflective:  thinking carefully and seriously about things.

resourceful:  good at dealing with new or difficult situations and solving problems.

self-absorbed:  thinking about and being only concerned about yourself.

sensitive:  easily upset by what other people think or say about you; able to notice and understand other people's feelings.

serious:  think carefully about things, not joking or silly.

skeptical:  not believing or having doubts about something.

social:  liking to be with and talk to others rather than being alone.

stubborn:  not changing ideas or behavior easily.

superficial:  not caring about things or people in a serious, deep or genuine way.

suspicious:  not trusting others or situations, feeling that others are being dishonest or doing something different from what they tell you.

talkative:  enjoy talking with others.

thoughtful:  showing careful thinking and being concerned about the needs and feelings of other people.

truthful:  telling the truth, honest.

trusting:  easily willing to trust and believe others.

warm:  showing affection to others, being friendly.

witty:  able to say clever and funny things.

unemotional:  not showing emotion or feelings.

unreliable:  not able to be trusted or depended on to do things that were promised.

vain:  too proud or feeling you are much better than others because of your own skills, achievements, appearance, etc.

Your turn to practice personal qualities & astrology vocabulary

I hope this list of personal qualities and astrology vocabulary has been interesting and fun. So what's your sign?  Do you think the characteristics accurately describe you? Do you read your horoscope often? What do you think of astrology?  

To practice, write your answers on paper or speak out loud to yourself of a speaking partner.

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