An Inspiration...Death

Death can take someone we love but not our love. The feeling of love still remains. The beloved is gone while the love still remains and empowers the living one.

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Oct 04, 2020
Before I die I want to....
by: Karen

Before I die I want to create my family tree. Maybe it was expected to say something like : ‘‘I want to say to my parents that I love them’’ or ‘‘ I want to plant a tree’’ and etc. But my first thought was that I want to create my own biological tree.

Everybody knows the phrase that you don’t need to go back to the past, and you must go towards the future. But you must agree there wouldn’t be a present without the past.

I have a big goal: I want to know who were my ancestors, who were they in society, what did they do, what contribution had they made to history? How did they affect where I am and who I am now? Who knows, maybe it will turn out that my ancestors were noble people with a rich history and heritage.

Besides, maybe there are my relatives among my acquaintances, which I may not know about yet. I believe that everyone must know the story of their origin. Therefore, I will do my best for this and pass this information on to my descendants.

Oct 13, 2015
I agree
by: Julien

It is true. I had many months in anger when my father was killed by a car accident but now I feel his love more than when he was alive.

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