Standards of beauty

by Mika
(Tel Aviv )

In this day's society standards of beauty are very clear. We can see unequal treatment for different population groups only because their appearance like what Cameron said in her talk.

Its ok to feel uncomfortable with your body, in this days the social network becomes influential because the content in there (pictures videos and more). In addition, all these become more accessible and that’s why six years old girls not happy with their appearance as a lot of other people.

For example, in advertisement there is use of thin and very beautiful and young people. there is stereotype in society that women should be beautiful and thin in order to be attractive. and if she is not so she is not attractive. I think that more and more boys are concern a lot about their appearance.

Even so, it's our job to put notice and not be to fanatics about weigh lose and body shape. You can keep diet, exercise and wear nice clothing that’s fits you well.

(This comment is in response to Cameron Russell's TED Talk, which you can view by clicking here).

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