Shapes Vocabulary

A collection of all of the shapes illustrations featured on this page.

This shapes vocabulary includes many geometric shapes.

Listen to the video to hear the correct pronunciation -- in American English -- and practice saying the word outs loud during the pauses after each word.

Hear the shapes vocabulary pronounced

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Shapes vocabulary in pictures

illustration of a kite shape
illustration of a cross shape
illustration of a star shape
illustration of an arrow shape
illustration of a star shape
illustration of a triangle shape
illustration of a triangle shape
illustration of a right triangle shape
illustration of a scalene triangle shape
illustration of an ellipse shape
illustration of an oval shape
illustration of a pie shape
illustration of a square shape (with four even length sides)
illustration of a rectangle shape
illustration of a parallelogram shape
illustration of a rhombus shape
illustration of a rhombus shape
illustration of a pentagon shape with five sides
illustration of a hexagon shape (with 6 sides)
illustration of a heptagon shape (with 7 sides)
illustration of a nonagon shape (with 9 sides)
illustration of a decagon shape (with 10 sides)

Notes on shapes vocabulary

Arial view of the Pentagon

Many of these shapes are used in geometry.

To describe the shape of something we can say it has a ____________ shape. For example: 

  • That lake has an oval shape.
  • The moon has a crescent shape.

Or, we can use a hyphenated adjective before a noun:

  • She has a heart-shaped  face.
  • The US Department of Defense is located in a pentagon-shaped  building.  (see photo above. Not surprisingly, the building is called "the Pentagon.")

Or, we can say that something is in the shape of a _____________.

  • I planted our garden in the shape of a rhombus.
  • We made a cake in the shape of a star.

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