School Vocabulary

A back to school collage with two schoolchildren surrounded by many different school supplies

This school vocabulary will be very helpful if you're still in school, have kids or work in an office. I have included a lot of school supplies in the list.

Listen to the video to hear the correct pronunciation -- in American English -- and practice saying the word out loud during the pauses after each word. It will help your pronunciation and help you remember the word.

Hear the school vocabulary pronounced

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School Vocabulary in Pictures

Illustration of an alarm clock

alarm clock

Illustration of a backpack


Illustration of a brown leather book bag

book bag

Illustration of a school classroom


Image of a row of lockers. One is open and has three shelves filled with books, a backpack and papers.

school lockers

illustration of a globe


Illustration of a blank multiple choice exam answer sheet and pencil

exam / test answer sheet

Illustration of 4 school uniforms (pants, shirts, sweaters and skirts) in different patterns

school uniforms

Illustration of a laptop computer

laptop computer / notebook

Illustration of a hand held calculator


Illustration of a USB flash drive

USB flash drive (also called thumb drive)

Illustration of a memory card

memory card

Illustration of a compass


Illustration of a protractor


Illustration of a book


Illustration of a ruler


Illustration of a microscope


Illustration of a magnifying glass

magnifying glass

Illustration of a set of colored markers

colored markers

Illustration of a set of colored pencils

colored pencils

Illustration of a set of colored crayons


Illustration of a felt tip pen

felt tip pen

Illustration of a ballpoint pen

ballpoint pen

Illustration of a fountain pen

fountain pen

Illustration of two colored markers


Illustration of a pink highlighter pen

highlighter pen

Illustration of a mechanical pencil

mechanical pencil

Illustration of a pencil


Illustration of a pencil sharpener with pencil shavings

pencil sharpener

Illustration of a spiral bound notebook

spiral-bound notebook

Illustration of a spiral notepad


Illustration of a lined notebook paper

notebook paper (loose leaf paper)

Illustration of a watercolor pan with different colored paints

watercolor paints

Illustration of a paintbrush

paint brush

Illustration of a container of glue


Illustration of two binder clips

binder clips

Illustration of striped paper clips

paper clips

Illustration of four push pins

push pins

Illustration of a pair of scissors


Illustration of a stapler


Illustration of a tape dispenser with clear tape

tape (in a tape dispenser)

Illustration of a sticky note

sticky note

Your turn to practice school vocabulary

Are you currently studying at school? What supplies do you carry in your book bag or backpack? What type of writing tool do you like to use? Do you wear a uniform. If you're no longer in school what did you used to wear to school and carry with you?

To practice, write your answers to the questions on a separate piece of paper. Or practice speaking out loud to yourself or with a speaking partner. These are excellent ways to help remember this vocabulary.

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