Sadly, Looks ARE Something

by Sultana

I look average, not tall, not short, not ugly, not really beautiful. In society, this may be best option. I know nobody try to be my friend or boyfriend for looks but also I am not outcast. I get friends easy.

I look at very pretty woman and I feel sometimes bad for myself. Sometimes guys at university talk about all models and fantasy about all the models and beautiful actress and I feel sometimes jealous. No one will going to talk for me. I read article about unhappy model or see video like this and I feel it is true - everybody feels same and insecure. No one can be most beautiful for everybody. Always is going to be debate. Even most beautiful person to one man is not most beautiful for other.

It hurts everyone this judgement. God make everyone as beautiful but we do not believe this. We cannot see this because we are in a way blind. We do not understand true beauty. Today is the worst situation in world. What is beauty? It is trying to change to 'curvy.' Maybe 2% of population is naturally curvy: thin at middle with big breast and butt. Today, just purchase the parts. And, even normal people change their Facebook photo to make improvements. So sad.

To the women: be yourself. It's okay some cosmetics, some sports for exercise and look good, some close to look good. It's good. Plastic parts in your body for look is bad! Find in your heart the love of God. It's only thing that's gonna make you happy and safe. Even most beautiful woman become old one day. It's okay. We humans do suffer but love of God always lifts up. Be kind to yourself.

(This comment is in response to Cameron Russell's TED Talk, which you can view by clicking here).

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Aug 27, 2015
by: Anonymous

Thanks a lot for this post.

Aug 05, 2015
Thoughtful Essay!
by: Nicole @ Learn English Have Fun

Yes, as you said we are ALL beautiful! As you and Cameron also noted in her talk, the idea of what is beautiful continually changes. And, what is beautiful to one society or one individual is different for another.

I also think it's very sad to see how many women are getting plastic surgery to increase the size of their breasts and buttocks to EXTREME sizes, especially given the serious health complications that have resulted for a number of women.

Thanks for sharing your opinion! Cheers.

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