Pets Vocabulary

This pets vocabulary includes both popular animals people have as pets as well as the supplies needed to take care of them. In the United States, pets are very popular. Pets are domestic animals (also called domesticated animals), are tamed to live in the home. 

Listen to the video to hear the correct pronunciation -- in American English -- and practice saying the words out loud during the pauses.

Hear the pet vocabulary pronounced

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Pets vocabulary in pictures

parrot / bird

cat / cats

dog / dogs


guinea pig






dog house


cat tree



cat litter box



dog sweater

pet duffle bag carrier

pet carrier crate

dish / bowl

pet food


flea powder / shampoo

veterinarian:  a doctor for animals.

Your turn to practice the pets vocabulary

Do you have pets? Are pets common in your country? If so, what pets do people have where you live. Are pets (e.g., dogs) welcome in stores and restaurants? Which pets do you like or dislike? In the United States, many people's pets are like members of their family... do people in your country treat pets the same way?

Please a comment below to practice your English.

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