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November Newsletter

Welcome! Let's learn American English this month!

Learn American English in this short explanation of the very first "Thanksgiving" in the United States. In school, many American children learn that the first Thanksgiving was a grand banquet with the Pilgrims and native American Indians. A story where the Pilgrims generously invited the Indians over for dinner.... The problem is that history didn't really happen that way.

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Audio Recording

I've finally recorded the audio (a few days late because I've had a bad cold and was coughing every time I tried to speak... I'm a bit better but my voice still sounds hoarse. Sorry!)

Time to Practice!

Ready to write? Pull out a sheet of paper and write a short essay. It's the best way to practice some of the new vocabulary you have learned.

  • What are you thankful for?
  • Are you familiar with American's Thanksgiving holiday?
  • What indigenous people are there in your country?
  • What is your favorite holiday in your country? What activities and/or foods do you eat at this holiday time?

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