Musical Instruments Vocabulary

A collection of all of the musical instrument illustrations featured on this page.

This musical instruments vocabulary includes many popular instruments. Read more about these instruments after watching the video and reviewing the vocabulary in pictures.

Hear the musical instruments vocabulary pronounced

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Musical instruments vocabulary in pictures

illustration of an accordion


Illustration of a keyboard


Illustration of a piano


Illustration of a grand piano

grand piano

Illustration of a harp


Illustration of a pair of maracas


Illustration of a drum set

drum set

Illustration of bongo drums

bongo drums

Illustration of a conga drum

conga drum

Illustration of a xylophone


Illustration of a tambourine


Illustration of a French horn

French horn

Illustration of a saxophone


Illustration of a clarinet


Illustration of a trombone


Illustration of a trumpet


Illustration of a banjo


Illustration of a guitar


Illustration of an electric guitar

electric guitar

Illustration of a violin


Illustration of a cello


Illustration of a double bass

double bass

Some notes about musical instruments

Music is an important part of most cultures and there are many different types of musical instruments. Some are made of very simple materials and others are carefully crafted by hand using special materials.

Instruments can be organized into various categories:

  • wind instrument: is played by blowing air through it. (e.g., tuba, trumpet, clarinet).
  • string instrument / stringed instrument: makes sound when its strings are touched or struck. (e.g., violin, viola, banjo, guitar).
  • electronic instrument: creates sounds by outputting an electrical audio signal. (e.g., keyboards and synthesizers).
  • keyboard instrument: is a musical instrument played using a keyboard. (e.g., piano).
  • percussion instruments are played by hitting or shaking the instrument. (e.g., drums, bongo drums or xylophones)

Your turn:  Using this vocabulary

Now it's your turn to use this musical instruments vocabulary to practice these new words

A few questions for you:

  • Do you play a musical instrument or instruments?
  • What is your favorite musical instrument?
  • What instruments are popular in your country?
  • Do you go to concerts or musical performances?
  • Who are some of your favorite musicians?

Write your answers on a piece of paper or simply answer the questions out loud to yourself or to a speaking partner.

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