Learning English Words:
Focus on Body Vocabulary

Illustration of full body and close up of head with each body part identified

Learning English words is really important at all levels of English learning.

In this section, we'll take a look at vocabulary related to the body, however there are many other categories of words here on this website as well. Click here for the full list.

Learning English words by video

This video lets you hear each word so you can practice listening and pronunciation. There is a short pause after each word--that's your chance to practice your pronunciation.

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Learning English words: The Head

Now that you've heard the words pronounced, here's more information about words related to the body.

Closeup illustration of girl's head with body parts identified

Most of the parts of the body are clear from the diagram, however there are a few notes below.

hair: the thin threadlike pieces growing from the skin. The head is usually covered with hair.

(Unless the person is bald = has no hair).

Note: Hair is both countable and uncountable. The whole amount of hair on the head is called "hair".

forehead: the top part of the head above the eyes.

eyebrow: the line of hairs above the eye.

eyelash: the thin line of hairs growing from the eyelid.

eye:  the part of the body for seeing. (plural: eyes)

tooth:  the plural form is teeth (not "tooths")

The upper and lower body

Illustration of parts of the body identified

Shoulder: the part where the arm is connected to the upper body.

neck: the part of the body that's between the head and shoulders

Illustration of parts of the hand

The parts of the hand are clear from the diagram.

The little finger is also called the pinky.

The index finger is also called the pointer finger (because Americans use it to point at things to show someone something).

The ring finger is the finger people normally wear their wedding ring (in the left hand in the USA).

The middle finger can be used to cause offense or express anger at someone. It is a rude gesture to hold this one finger up in the air (while bending the other fingers). To "give someone the finger" is and idiom that means to hold up your middle finger at them.

Illustration of the leg with individual parts identified

The parts of the leg and foot are clear in the diagram. However, there are some irregular plural nouns:

foot:  feet (plural is not "foots")

calf:  calves (not "calfs")

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