Is beauty that important?

by Neta Levy

I think that the video was pointless, the things that have been said in that video could have been said by each one of us.

I think that looks are powerful, they can help you get into modeling, can get you a partner pretty easily, tho life can be great and meaningful without all of this crap.

I think that photos of women in magazines are quite harmful. They can change one young girl's thought about her weight, although she might be very skinny which can cause anorexia and plenty of other brain diseases. Models always wanna be more pretty that they are, modeling is a job so they want to be the best at it.

I don't think that in my society looks are that important, I think that it's mostly about your behaviour. Looks can cause difficulties but mostly for your self, one might not like his look and stay at his home the entire day, just because he wasn't complete with himself.

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