TED Talk - How to Use a Paper Towel Quiz

Quiz Questions

1.  How many pounds of paper towels are used by Americans every year?

a.  571,230 pounds

b.  13 billion pounds

2.  If every American used one less paper towel a day, we could reduce paper usage by:

a.  more than 500,000 pounds

b.  less than 500,000 pounds

3.  According to Joe Smith, people typically take how man paper towels:

a.  1-3

b.  4-5

c.  6-8

4.  Joe Smith insists you only need one paper towel. The key to this technique rests on two words. What are these two words?

a.  ___________________

b.  ___________________

5.  Joe Smith says you have to shake your hands 12 times because 12 is an important number. Which of the following does he mention that illustrates why 12 is such an important number?[check all answers that apply].

a.  It’s the smallest number with exactly six divisors (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12)

b.  There are 12 days of Christmas

c.  There are 12 zodiac signs

d.  It’s the biggest number with one syllable

e.  Humans have 12 pairs of ribs

6.  Doing this is important because it allows interstitial suspension (the paper towel absorbs water and sandwiches itself between these parts).

a.  folding the paper towel

b.  shaking the paper towel

c.  tearing the paper towel in half

d.  twisting the paper towel

e.  scrunching the paper towel in a ball

7.  Joe Smith claims it’s impossible to stop a motion-detection towel dispenser from putting out a large paper towel.

a.  true

b.  false

8.  In this TED Talk Joe tells us how to reduce paper towel usage and next year, he’ll tell us how to properly use:

a.  tissues

b.  napkins

c.  toilet paper

d.  cotton balls

Quiz Answers

1.  b

2.  b

3.  a

4.  shake, fold

5.  c, d

6.  a

7.  false

8.  c

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