Household Appliances Vocabulary

This household appliances vocabulary covers most of the major appliances found in the home. Most of these appliances use electricity or gas for operation; some may use battery power.

Listen to the video to hear the correct pronunciation — in American English — and practice saying the words out loud during the pauses after each word. 

Hear the household appliances vocabulary pronounced

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Household appliances vocabulary in pictures

air conditioner:  a device that cools and dries the air in one room or an entire home (central air conditioning).

radiator:  heats a room when hot water passes through the device.

thermostat / heat pump control panel:  a device used to set the temperature of an air conditioner, heater or heat pump.

electric fan:  a device with metal or plastic blades that move in a circle and cools and circulates air.

space heater:  a small electric device that is used to heat a single room or area of a large space.

water heater: a large tank that holds and heats the water used in the house.

desk lamp:  a small lamp used to provide light to a particular area to make it easier to see what one's working on.

flat screen television:  a television that has a flat screen.

sewing machine:  a machine used to sew clothing and other materials.

vacuum cleaner:  a machine used to clean floors, carpets and rugs by sucking up (pulling in) crumbs, dirt and other particles into a bag or container to throw away.

upright vacuum cleaner:  a vacuum cleaner that stands straight upward.

iron:  uses heat and/or steam to press out wrinkles in clothing.

washing machine:  cleans clothes and other materials with water and soap and then spins the water out so that they can dry more quickly.

clothes dryer / dryer:  a machine that is used to dry and remove lint (small particles of cloth) from clothing.

Note: clothes dryers are very popular in American homes.

dish washer:  a machine that washes and dries dishes, glasses, silverware, pots and pans.

stove and oven:  used to cook food using heat (either powered by electricity or gas).

  • The bottom part is the oven where heat may come from the top or bottom.
  • The top part is the stove range, where food is cooked on top of burners which heat food placed in pots and pans.

range hood:  an appliance that has a fan that helps remove smoke, steam and oils when the stove range (the top part of the stove where food is cooked on burners) is used to cook food.

refrigerator & freezer:  an appliance that keeps food preserved with cold air. The refrigerator uses cool air and the freezer uses very cold air to freeze the food.

deep fryer:  a machine that fries foods in very hot oil.

Your turn to practice household appliances vocabulary

I'm sure you have many of these items in your home. Which ones do you own and use? Do you have other appliances? What is an appliance that you couldn't live without?

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