Try this fun ESL listening exercise

Four flight attendants holding up safety items: safety information card, oxygen mask, life vest.

Here's a great ESL listening exercise for you.  It use it myself when I'm traveling to other countries and want to practice the local language. 

Most people do not pay attention to (listen to) the safety instructions. They think they already know what the flight crew will say. Airlines often try to make these safety demos (demonstrations) more interesting as a way to get passengers to pay attention. I think you will be amazed by this one!

In this video, David, the flight attendant decided to rap the entire safety instructions to the passengers. David first explains that he is tired and doesn't want to give another boring safety demo that day.

He asks for some audience "participation," encouraging passengers to give him a beat. That is, he asks them to stomp their feet and clap their hands.

All ready?

Here we go! Give me a stomp, clap, stomp, clap...

ESL listening exercise

Listen to the flight attendant’s rap a second time and try to fill in the missing words. You'll probably need to listen to the rap a few times.

The Flight Attendant Rap starts at about minute 1:00 on the video:

This is flight 372 on SWA.

The flight attendants on board serving you today,

Theresa in the middle, David in the (1)_____________.

My name is David and I’m here to tell you that,

Shortly after takeoff, first things first,

There’s soft drinks and coffee to quench your (2)_____________.

But if you want another kind of drink then just holler.

Alcoholic beverages will be four dollars.

If a Monster energy (3)_____________ is your plan,

That’ll be three dollars and you get the whole can.

We won’t take your cash, you gotta (4)_____________ with plastic.

If you have a coupon, then that’s fantastic.

We know you’re ready to get to new places,

Open up the (5)_____________ and put away your suitcases.

Carry on items go under the seat,

In front of you so none of you have things by your feet.

If you have a seat on a row with an exit,

We’re gonna talk to you so you might as well (6)_____________ it.

You gotta help evacuate in case we need you,

If you don’t wanna then we’re gonna re-seat you.

Before we leave, our advice is,

Put away your electronic devices.

(7)_____________ your seat belt, then put your trays up.

Press the button to make your seat back raise up.

Sit back, relax, have a good time.

It’s almost time to go, so I’m done with the rhyme.

Thank you for the fact that I wasn’t (8)_____________,

This is Southwest Airlines, welcome aboard.

Answers to ESL listening exercise

Bravo!! Now, here are the answers:

1.  back

2.  thirst

3.  drink

4.  pay

5.  bins

6.  expect

7.  fasten

8.  ignored

Your turn to comment

Don't be discouraged if you didn't understand much. Could you understand some of the words? What did you think?  Please let me know in the comments.

Click here if you would like to practice listening to another airline safety message.

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