Flowers Vocabulary

This flowers vocabulary will come in handy (= will be useful) when you go to the florist  (= flower shop) or want to thank someone for sending you flowers.

Instead of saying “thanks for the flowers,” you’ll be able to specifically thank them for the beautiful roses, orchids or lilies. You’ll also find it easier to order flowers for someone you love or as a kind gift if someone is sick.

Hear the flowers vocabulary pronounced

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Some notes about flowers

Almost everyone loves flowers (unless your allergic to them).

A simple group of flowers held or tied together is a bunch of flowers.

If you buy flowers at a flower shop (the florist) then it's likely they'll arrange the flowers in a beautiful bouquet.

Many people use flowers for decoration in their homes. They either display cut flowers in vases or plant them inside flower pots or planters.

Of course flowers are also used to decorate areas around people's homes, buildings, schools, parks and cities. When flowers are planted in the ground we call them flower gardens or flower beds.

Many people display flowers outside the windows in their homes in flower boxes.

Flowers are also given as gifts. It's popular to give flowers for celebrating special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and achieving important accomplishments (e.g., graduation, promotions, performances).

They are also frequently given to cheer up people who are sick and to express condolences (an expression of sympathy and sadness when someone has died).

In many places flowers grow naturally outdoors (without specifically being planted by anyone) and we call these wildflowers. It is often illegal to pick these flowers and if everyone picked them there would be few left for all of us to enjoy.

Your turn:  Using this vocabulary

Now it's your turn to use this vocabulary to practice these new words. Practicing (not just reading) is what will really help you remember these words.

Here are some sample ideas you could write about (but feel free to write whatever you want):

  • What are your favorite flowers?
  • When was the last time you gave or received flowers and for what reason?
  • Do you have flowers planted outside your home?
  • Do you often have fresh flowers in your home?
  • Does your city have many flowers planted around town?

I'm looking forward to reading your comments!

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